Rita Prahl

I paint in Watercolor, from life experiences. Having grown up on a family farm in Minnesota, and currently live on a Century farm, six generations of farm life to draw experiences from. I’m surrounded by and draw inspiration from family, friends, travel and everyday life on the farm. My goal is to catch a feeling, the life, the movement, and the light in a painting.

In today’s complicated world, my goal is to express the goodness, joy and simple pleasures so many people overlook. A lifelong student of the world around me, my art is continually evolving. My paintings have the ability to take you back to a moment in life or move you forward to a new experience.

I work with professional artist quality materials and I’m self taught in watercolor with a back ground in graphic arts. Always learning and changing I’m positive that my art will also keep evolving.

Blessings, Rita