GSR Fine Art Festival 2018 Up and Coming Artist


Abby Daleki

Originally from Onalaska, WI, Abby Daleki attended Minnesota State University, Mankato where she received her BFA and MA both in Studio Arts. She works primarily with acrylic paint. Currently, Abby is an artist based out of Mankato, MN. She creates bright-colored abstract object paintings that are hung on the wall, leaned against the wall, cut out from the frame, suspended from the ceiling, and pinned directly to the wall, in congruent with flashing lights and sounds that she created. Her work comments on male-abstract-painters and nods to female abstract artists like Lynda Benglis, Jessica Stockholder, and Judy Pfaff. She is a graduate from the MFA program at the University of Delaware.

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2013 – Dana Sikkla; Installation Artist
2014 – Taylor Johnson; Painter
2015 – Jasmine Greenwaldt; Painter
2016 – Amber Rahe; Painter
2017 – Shelley Caldwell; Installation Artist