GSR Fine Art Festival 2023 Up and Coming Artist

Abigail Kimble [Ark]

Ark is a mixed-media artist, singer-songwriter, and live painter creating out of Mankato, MN. Their work encourages transmuting pain into personal power through art therapy techniques.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been expressing my emotions through writing and visual arts. It started as a coping mechanism to escape the reality of domestic violence. But now I use it as an immersive catalyst into my current reality, and as a pathway through to healing others and myself. My main inspiration revolves around the anatomy of the spirit—especially in connection to nature. As an empath, I’ve always been sensitive to the energies and emotions of others. This led to intentional exploration of the mind, body, and soul: finding that continual expression develops easier access to the human psyche. I am currently in pursuit of a Masters in Art Therapy. My dream of becoming a full-time artist grows more palpable each day. I’ve become a part of the local art community: most recently accepting the position of gallerist for the Arts Center of St. Peter. In my free time I enjoy live painting and performing with my bands at local music and wedding venues throughout Southern Minnesota.

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2019 - Shawn Bagley; Ceramics
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