GSR Fine Art Festival 2022 Up and Coming Artist

Sarah Huttner

Sarah Huttner is a printmaker and photographer residing in Mankato, Minnesota. Since receiving her Masters of Art in printmaking from Minnesota State University in 2020, she has maintained a small studio practice at her home in Mankato, Minnesota and has started working part time as an instructor of various printmaking classes in Cellar Press at the Grand Center for Arts and Culture in New Ulm, Minnesota. Her work has been featured in exhibitions locally and abroad at 410 Gallery in Mankato, MN, the Maude Kern Arts center in Eugene, Oregon, and Imagine Butte Resource Center in Butte, Montana to name a few. Her experience in printmaking has created space for environmental issues to be illuminated.

Sarah is interested in how humans affect the environment both positively and negatively. How both natural and inhabited locations are affected by our choices as a species. By combining personal experience with historical research, she is focused on the effect humans make on the landscape and brings attention to the changes through her artistic process. By utilizing a range of drawing, photographic and printmaking processes to produce these ideas, she create narratives to put emphasis on the importance of a healthy environment. The often large scaled prints that are produced can include tiny insects and foliage, emphasizing the often overlooked and intimate moments taking place all around us.

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2013 – Dana Sikkla; Installation Artist
2014 – Taylor Johnson; Painter
2015 – Jasmine Greenwaldt; Painter
2016 – Amber Rahe; Painter
2017 – Shelley Caldwell; Installation Artist
2018 - Abby Daleki; Painter
2019 - Shawn Bagley; Ceramics
2021 - Tyler Danileson; Ceramics