GSR Fine Art Festival 2019 Up and Coming Artist


Shawn Bagley

My passion is making pottery. Making pottery makes me feel good. It is very therapeutic. I like making things with my hands. I like how the clay feels as it runs through my hands, forming it into something functional that someone can use. I am actually passionate about the whole process of making pottery. I like throwing the pot, trimming the pot, doing firings, and selling the pottery. I really enjoy getting to know people who share the same passion as I do because I feel like I understand them and they understand me.

I want to expand my knowledge of pottery, and to eventually take some ceramic workshops. Learning everything you can learn about pottery will take a lifetime and more. There are so many types of pottery, so many different types of firing, and many different glazes. Wood firing is probably my most favorite firing process, other than soda and salt firings, which are firings I would like to eventually do because of the way that the pieces turn out..

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2013 – Dana Sikkla; Installation Artist
2014 – Taylor Johnson; Painter
2015 – Jasmine Greenwaldt; Painter
2016 – Amber Rahe; Painter
2017 – Shelley Caldwell; Installation Artist
2018 - Abby Daleki; Painter