GSR Fine Art Festival 2021 Up and Coming Artist

Tyler Danielson

Around 10 years ago in 7th grade, I decided to take an elective course in ceramics, little did I know that it would be one of my favorite things to surround myself with to this day. Surprisingly, I'm not an art major, but actually a special education major. My influences have mainly revolved around functional Japanese ceramics and Warren MacKenzie. These influences are seen in my functional pieces and sculptures. I also have interests with glaze chemistry and different firing types.

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2013 – Dana Sikkla; Installation Artist
2014 – Taylor Johnson; Painter
2015 – Jasmine Greenwaldt; Painter
2016 – Amber Rahe; Painter
2017 – Shelley Caldwell; Installation Artist
2018 - Abby Daleki; Painter
2019 - Shawn bagley; Ceramics