Sue Peoples

I started beading in 1997. I started by just making earrings and stringing beads. I couldn’t believe people actually used those little seed beads! I thought I would never do that! Well… we see how well that worked out! I then became addicted to seed beads and signed up for every class I could to learn new techniques. In 1999 my husband bought me a torch for my birthday and I started making my own glass beads. I just played with making a bead here and there for a few years and in 2003 I decided to dedicate more time to it. There were not many classes in my area so I am mostly self taught. After a few years I started traveling to other areas to take classes. I have taken classes with some of the best bead artists, Kimberly Affleck, Jennifer Geldard, Andrea Guarino, J C Herrell , Trey Cornette, Julie Nordine, Jari Ann Sheese ,Sara Sally LaGrand, Kim Fields and Corina Tettinger.