Mary Solberg

Doing stained glass requires patience, care, and attentiveness. You can’t rush the process. Mindfulness deepens the joy and satisfaction of creating each piece. Every deliberate and diligent step is illuminated by the hope that, from all the steps, a thing of beauty will emerge.

I grew up in South Dakota, Germany, and Mexico, and over the years, have lived in New York, Chicago, El Salvador, and St. Paul. After a variety of careers—in book publishing, social work, refugee advocacy, international humanitarian aid, and college teaching—I am now retired. Since 1996, I have been at home in Saint Peter, MN. I am the author or translator of several books, and I continue to read, write, garden, and walk. I love to sing Bach and Brahms, and I am learning to play the cello. I speak Spanish and German fluently.

When I discovered stained glass work some years ago, I discovered myself as an artist, too. I enjoy every step in the process of making stained glass: from imagining how something—a landscape, a building, a bowl of fruit…anything, really—would look in stained glass, to choosing the glass to work with, to cutting and foiling and soldering and polishing the pieces that bring something new and beautiful into being! That my work can bring joy to others multiplies my own pleasure in the process.

I am also very delighted to work with you to bring your ideas and images to life in stained glass!